Solmax Capsule

What is Solmax Capsule?

Solmax capsule is an mucolytic drug for relief cough. It contains the Carbocisteine 500 mg per capsule


Each capsule contains: Carbocisteine 500 mg


Mucolytic agent for relief of cough associated with acute and chronic bronchitis, asthma, bronchiectasis and emphysema


Adults and children more than 12 years 1 capsule three times a day. Or as prescribed by physician.

What should I do if I forget to take Solmax capsule?

In general, if you forget to take a pill, eat as soon as you remember. But if it’s close to the next meal, skip to the next meal. without having to double the dose.

General Adverse Reactions

There may be gas in the gastrointestinal tract.

Adverse reactions that require immediate attention to your doctor or pharmacist

Stomach discomfort

Drug interactions

  • Concomitant administration with Carbocisteine enhances the absorption of sodium amoxicillin.
  • Pretreatment with cimetidine severely impairs the urinary elimination of Carbocisteine sulfoxides.


  • Contraindicated in patients with active peptic ulcer.
  • Known hypersensitivity to Carbocisteine.

Use In Pregnancy & Lactation

  • Do not recommend the use of Carbocisteine in the first trimester.
  • No information available in lactation


Store in a dry place at temperature not exceeding 25 C

Other information

Thai drug registration number: 1A 29/53 Read more about the meaning of Thai registration number.

Pharmaceutical Dose Form: Hard Capsule

Packaging: Blister packs, 10 capsules/pack.

Category by point of use: Internal Use

Category by legislation class: Non Dangerous Drug

Manufactued by Unilab Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Samutprakarn, Thailand
Under the authority of Decolgen Co., Ltd.

Where to buy Solmax Capsule?

Due to Solmax capsule is a non dangerous drug by legislation class. Therefore, it can be sold in modern drugstores or ready-packed pharmacies.


  • Labels and documentation of Solmax Capsule
  • Product information authorised verification system, Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health, Thailand
  • MIMS

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